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  • Pardon doubt Donald Trump said it is “very unlikely” he would pardon himself if re-elected US president in 2024. Trump, 77, said he declined the opportunity to shield himself from prosecution while in office because it would “look terrible” and he “didn’t do anything wrong”. However, he did not explicitly rule out pardoning himself if he wins the White House once again, as he faces four criminal trials, including two federal. The cases in New York, Florida, Georgia and Washington DC relate to allegations of illegally retaining classified government documents, hush money payments to a porn star and election interference. Trump’s trial in Georgia has been pushed back by a judge, and a last-minute legal challenge by his lawyers threw an October civil fraud trial in New York relating to his business into limbo.

  • You say We say

    1 The truth about money: Sam Stubbs on how to live a rich life

  • Will Jordan be fully unleashed back at fullback?

    Last chance for change?

  • Eaterie comes out buns glazing amid downturn

    What is Sneaky Snacky?

  • No chance to weigh up list MPs

    A glaring shortcoming of the MMP system is that no one in the lead-up to any election is really given a chance to assess the qualities of a new list MP until they are actually sitting in the chamber.


    Paul Thompson’s 10th anniversary as the CEO of RNZ this month was tinged with sadness. One of his influential former bosses, Peter O’Hara, died that day, aged just 71, after a health battle.

  • Warrior’s journey

    Across his long NRL career — spanning 13 seasons — Shaun Johnson has enjoyed plenty of special times at Mt Smart.

  • Warrior’s journey

    Across his long NRL career — spanning 13 seasons — Shaun Johnson has enjoyed plenty of special times at Mt Smart.

  • Five key areas to build our partnership with India

    As links with India continue to strengthen and our reliance on exports to China is increasingly seen as an economic and security vulnerability, India is seen as our next China in terms of opportunities and partnership.

  • Terror as gun pointed at bar worker’s head

    Agroup of robbers armed with guns, hammers and crowbars burst into an Auckland bar, then marched a staff member to a back office, forced her to her knees and demanded she open a time-delayed safe while pointing a firearm at her head.

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  • Ways the bench can help the team of five million

    Prime Minister — last week I suggested maybe it was time to look at the bench in your team of five million. I recalled some wise advice from the great All Black coach Wayne Smith. He said, at the heart of every successful team there had to be trust. You needed to trust every one of your team mates...

  • Ending the conflict in Ukraine

    Troop casualties on both sides have been estimated at over 200,000, Ukraine civilian deaths over 40,000, and refugees in the millions. But both sides persist with war — illegally started by a brutal dictator, and now prolonged by the military goals of Ukraine — but in a context which it looks like...

  • Freightways blast: NZ Post is failing to deliver

    Freightways chief executive Mark Troughear says the firm will look to Australia for investment opportunities rather than compete against NZ Post....

  • ‘It was not my intention to kill him’

    Eli Bob Sauni Epiha, the man who murdered unarmed Constable Matthew Hunt, initially got an illegal firearm on the day of the shooting with the intention of protecting his family, he told the jury today as he took the witness stand on his own behalf....

  • Good, bad, ugly — 2020 had it all

    Covid-19 has driven a rollercoaster ride in sharemarkets this year, with the NZX plummeting in February and March only to bounce back just as quickly....

  • Bring back dental clinics at schools

    Up to 200 children referred to hospital for dental surgery each month, more than 17000 had not seen a dentist since 2018 and 57-70 per cent of Māori and Pacific Islanders have dental decay....

  • Three NZ trusts used to hold assets

    New Zealand-registered trusts held nearly $300 million in assets for a Roman Catholic order caught in an international paedophilia scandal, according to leaked records contained in the Pandora Papers....

  • If you’re still breathing, you’re available

    This week a legal practitioner will appear before a Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal at the District Court in Wellington. The practitioner faces eight charges of misconduct or (alternatively) unsatisfactory conduct....

  • Hopeless cancer treatment

    That Olivia Newton John survived so long is a testament to the amazing treatment afforded those affected in Australia, assisted in no small way by facilities such as her Wellness Centre in Melbourne....

  • Sir Ian Taylor ‘deeply disappointed’ at Sir Russell Coutts’ legal claim that race graphics breach copyright

    Sir Russell Coutts’ sailing interests have warned if graphics used by Sir Ian Taylor’s Animation Research for pre-Christmas racing are used in broadcasting the 36th America’s Cup, High Court action alleging breach of copyright will be filed....

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