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  • Man caught trying to break into police station

    First, a 23-year-old man's car and keys were seized and locked up at the Kurow Police Station.

  • Southern United fall short of glory in final

    Sometimes things just do not quite go your way.

  • Pilot's death ruled accident after six years

    A six-year investigation into a helicopter crash that killed a West Coast man has come to a close, with a coroner expressing an unreserved apology for the delay.

  • One last task ahead in red-letter season

    Southern United is on the cusp of the greatest footballing achievement to come from Dunedin, Kayla Hodge reports.

  • Spring fresh

    Chicken and avocado cream, noodles with greens, lemon sorbet — Nigel Slater gets fresh for the last gasp of spring.

  • Still perfect, 13 years on


  • Southern earn respect of opposition coach

    Auckland United head coach Ben Bate admires his opponents.

  • Chasing Mercury after sunset

    Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was arguably one of the greatest astronomers ever. In 1543, he published his book De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, which transformed our understanding of the cosmos. In one fell swoop, Copernicus revolutionised astronomy by placing the sun, rather than the Earth, at the centre of the Universe. Of course, now, thanks to centuries of research, we know the sun isn't the centre of the Universe. Still, despite this tiny misunderstanding, it is undeniable that Copernicus was, by any measure, a revered polymath of the highest order.

  • Dying to get help they needed

    A young Dunedin woman "abandoned" by the healthcare system was in so much pain she requested assisted dying. Now she and another Dunedin woman are calling for their rare condition to be treated seriously. Fiona Ellis reports.

  • Weighing the difference

    To better understand the martial traditions of his iwi, Te Atarau Cassidy picked up the rākau whawhai.

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  • Does ChatGPT signal the death of arts, literature?

    Of language skills, ChatGPT's got many,...

  • Embracing AI in education

    Another revolution in education is dashing towards us. This time it is through the advances of Artificial Intelligence. A language processing system called ChatGPT is leading the way....

  • The enigma of machine learning

    It could be said that artificial intelligence (AI) is about making computers think more like humans. By doing that, could computers take on such human characteristics as creativity and leaps of imagination? This week in a series for The Star, reporter SimonHenderson discovers how machine learning...

  • Athlete ready to strike out on her own

    Jorja Gibbons does not have to look far for inspiration....

  • Man denies trips were to source drugs

    A man who made five trips to Auckland between March and November 2020, posting 109g of methamphetamine and 28g of MDMA to his own address on one trip, said he was not sourcing drugs, a court heard this week....

  • ChatGPT — time to ask right questions

    It's no surprise to learn that my beloved University of Otago is worrying about ChatGPT (Varsities tackle AI challenge, ODT 24.1.23)....

  • Hundreds to graduate today

    More than 240 graduands will graduate in person from Otago Polytechnic, with qualifications through Te Maru Pumanawa College of Creative Practice and Enterprise and the College of Engineering, Construction and Living Sciences, in animal care, architectural studies, automotive engineering, applied...

  • Serving up a one-fish dish

    Australian chef and ''fish butcher'' Josh Niland — known to Kiwis through his appearances on Australian Masterchef — is on a mission to show people fish is much more than two fillets held together by a head and tail....

  • Te Pūkenga Graduates

    About 250 people will graduate from Otago Polytechnic — Te Pukenga in person with a variety of qualifications including engineering trades, horticulture, midwifery, occupational therapy and veterinary nursing in a ceremony at the Dunedin Town Hall at 12.30pm today. A further 210 will graduate in...

  • Cantabrians named on Queen's Birthday Honours list

    Twenty-five Cantabrians have received Queen's Birthday 2021 Honours today....

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