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  • Three men in a tub

    Humans have been getting about in boats for millennia. But as Otago Daily Times illustrations editor Stephen Jaquiery recently discovered, that does not mean it is plain sailing.

  • Carabidbeetlethatpreferstrees

    Recently, I found a singular little ground beetle running swiftly up the curtain in my lounge. It was 6mm long, very flat, with head and thorax black and prothorax broad, short and yellowish-red. The wing cases were very broad, dark brown with a large, conspicuous, pale-yellow spot on each, and the legs and antennae were yellowish red. Oddly, the dull yellowish patch on either wing case was almost transparent, so that the big membranous wing could be seen clearly through this area, folded up beneath the wing cases.

  • On the trail of secrets and truth


  • More entertaining than fiction


  • Double crotchet

    Tom Hanks tapped his inner grump for A Man Called Otto, BryanAlexander writes.

  • Big fun dump on Tinseltown


  • Alpacas ride again

    A new album more than a quarter of a century since their last recording strikes Alpaca Brothers frontman, guitarist and song-writer Bruce Blucher as a bit of a miracle.

  • Argonaut(a)



  • The new moon meets Saturn and Venus

    It is new moon tomorrow. The next few evenings will be devoid of moonlight, making them prime time for stargazing. While there are relatively few hours of darkness at this time of year there is still lots to enjoy for the local fraternity of astronomy fans.

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  • Sounds like a hit

    From Ed Sheeran to Katy Perry, plagiarism claims are an occupational hazard for musicians, writes VanessaThorpe....

  • Law turning its gaze on climate accused

    Juries have started questioning who the real criminals are in the unforgiving arena of climate change politics, writes Prof Ceri Warnock....

  • Making the list

    Just six novels remain in contention for the world’s most prestigious literary award — The Booker Prize — which will be awarded next week. The Otago Daily Times’ fiction faction cast their eye over this year’s finalists....

  • Three Waters is the largest local government reform in decades. But in many minds, the rollout has been muddled and mired in controversy. To ‘‘unmuddy’’ Three Waters, three people near to the action speak off-the-record, giving Bruce Munro their take on the reason for the reforms, whether they are...

  • A first step towards controlled change

    We now have a plan of action to guide our climate change response. But is it any good? Members of the University of Otago’s He Kaupapa Hononga climate change research network run the ruler over it....

  • Granddad’s part in Hitler’s downfall

    A Hollywood movie about a desperate attempt to fool Hitler features Rear-Admiral John Godfrey, head of the British Naval Intelligence Division. Some details in the film are not accurate, Rachel Gibb, of Dunedin, tells Bruce Munro. Gibb should know — Admiral Godfrey was not only the abrasive...

  • At home on the range Back-country skills teach life lessons

    It’s a long way to the chop ... if you want to catch it yourself. Lisa Scott meets the Upper Clutha Deer Stalkers Club and asks them for their favourite recipes....


    As a new and expanded version of the Beatles’ Let It Be is released, a new Peter Jackson documentary will dispel many myths about the band’s final weeks. John Harris tells the inside story....

  • Making herself useful

    Student body head Melissa Lama got married at 17 and completed an MBA last week. She talks to Bruce Munro about growing up too quickly, mental health struggles and what drives her to cram the OUSA presidency in to an already busy life....

  • Body of unbearable truth

    An award-winning drama tells the searing story of a young woman’s quest for an illegal abortion in 1960s France. Its director and the writer on whose autobiography it is based explain why the subject is still important, writes Lauren Elkin....

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