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  • Gothic, novel

    From Tim Burton’s gothic direction to casting that is absolutely perfect (Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia!), this series focusing on the creepy clan’s daughter is an utter joy, writes Joel Golby.

  • Reach for the sky

    Hugo Blick’s revelatory series is a gorgeous, glorious new take on the old west — a lawless land where no-one can hear you, or anyone in your way, scream, writes Lucy Mangan.

  • Aspotofderring-do

    This show about the formation of the SAS — from the brains behind Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight — is big, brash, witty and packed with energy. It’s basically Khaki Blinders, reckons Rebecca Nicholson.

  • A freaky Halloween treat

    Jessica Raine, Peter Capaldi and a weird unblinking little boy are superb in this timely horror — which has all the creepy components to be essential viewing, Joel Golby reports.

  • Mystery within a mystery

    Magpie Murders has everything you want in a British ‘‘whodunit’’, writes Robert Lloyd.

  • Scared shirtless

    Not even Charlie Hunnam constantly taking his top off can save Apple TV+’s new thriller Shantaram, writes Rebecca Nicholson.

  • Standing the heat

    Flawless, propulsive show The Bear, about a talented chef overhauling his chaotic family sandwich joint, is the perfect dish, reckons Lucy Mangan.

  • Still got it

    Jeff Bridges plays an ex-CIA agent who has been in hiding for decades. Now, he’s paranoid old enemies are out to get him. Are they? Of course!, discovers Rebecca Nicholson.

  • The actually dark side

    New Star Wars show Andor seems to have realised a concept many fans have been clamouring for for a long time — Star Wars for grown-ups. Jack Seale rolls around in all the grit.

  • Screen Queen

    Be it her calming speech in lockdown, or her landmark decision to televise her coronation, the Queen embraced TV in a way that helped her connect to her subjects, writes Mark Lawson.

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  • Virus in back seat

    The return of the angriest yet most comforting comedy on television brings the perfect formula, writes Jordan Hoffman....

  • Look at the ‘Time’

    Amazon Prime’s attempt to find the next Game of Thrones struggles to get out of the shadow of its fantasy predecessor, writes Karl Puschmann....

  • Fresh perspective

    Director Peter Jackson reveals the secrets of 60 hours of intimate, unseen footage of the Fab Four that formed the basis of his new documentary series Get Back to Andy Welch....

  • Firingbackup

    Westeros is back! Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon is here three years after the world’s TV love affair with the battle for the Iron Throne went all bitter and twisted at the end there. Can this new entry win back our affection? Ben Allan has a look....

  • Stars aligned

    P!nk talks to PatrickRyan about her new documentary, family, career and advice for her younger self....

  • Fresh perspective

    Director Peter Jackson reveals the secrets of 60 hours of intimate, unseen footage of the Fab Four that formed the basis of his new documentary series Get Back to Andy Welch....

  • DrDeathtalksaboutlife

    Dawson’s Creek star Joshua Jackson on turning bad in Dr Death, becoming a pandemic parent, and how veteran actor Sir Patrick Stewart helped his career....

  • Boldly going

    The latest Star Trek show, Strange New Worlds, is a spin-off of a show set in the past of a future, a prequel to both an unused pilot and a double episode of television that aired over 50 years ago. Confused? USA Today has the rundown....

  • Noteasybeinggreen

    The latest product off the end of the Marvel production line is not exactly subtle, but that’s no barrier to it being a fun time, writes Lucy Mangan....

  • Down the rabbit hole

    What is real, and what isn’t? Karl Puschmann loses track as he follows comedian Nathan Fielder down an increasingly mind-bending spiral in Fielder’s new reality (?) show The Rehearsal....

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