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  • Budget highlights divisions

    Political candidates in Whanganui and Te Tai Hauāuru have painted vastly different pictures of the Budget, as their campaigns for October’s election begin to ramp up.

  • Cloud power Scientists have created a cloud device that can harvest clean electricity from the humidity in air. The fingernail-sized contraption, Air-gen, is made from a material filled with holes less than a thousandth of the width of a human hair. The nanopores make clean power by harvesting the energy from electrically-charged water in the air that passes through them. Essentially, the device harnesses the power in clouds that make lightning. Dr Jun Yao, the senior author from Massachusetts University, said: “What we’ve done is to create a human-built, small-scale cloud that produces electricity for us predictably and continuously so that we can harvest it.” The technique can be scaled up for use in numerous different environments.

  • The Chow brothers’ property empire is in “better shape than many” to ride out the downturn and survive what for many developers are crippling finance costs, according to John Key.

  • On the mend League: Canberra and Kiwis forward Corey Harawira-Naera has been discharged from hospital after collapsing and experiencing a seizure during his team’s NRL match against South Sydney on Saturday. Harawira-Naera says he is on the mend but “not in the clear yet” and will undergo further testing to get to the bottom of the frightening incident. Shortly after taking a hit-up in the second half, Harawira- Naera appeared to become disoriented and fell to the turf. He was conscious by the time he left the field and says he is thankful for both teams and the fans for showing their support.

  • EDITORIAL Famous feat brought pure joy on Everest

    Seventy years ago today, a New Zealander wrote himself into the history books with a breathtaking feat.

  • ‘Mixed bag of cold weather’ for week

    A week of intermittent showers, sunshine, strong winds and the odd downpour are part of a “mixed bag of cold weather” headed for Whanganui this week, according to MetService.

  • Occupants leave after car crash

    The occupants of a car that crashed on Whanganui’s Ridgway St near the Heads Rd Cemetery were not at the scene when services arrived.

  • Webster laments lack of quality in defeat by Broncos

    If the reaction of Warriors coach Andrew Webster is a barometer for the team’s performance, then Saturday’s loss to the Broncos at Napier’s McLean Park is up there with the worst of the season.

  • ‘Sick and evil person’ — sexual predator jailed

    WARNING: This story deals with sexual offending and may be distressing.

  • Results, May 27

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  • Fix sought for ‘broken’ legal aid

    New Zealand’s besieged legal aid system is costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year but still tens of thousands of Kiwis are being turned away and potentially denied their right to justice....

  • ‘This pandemic squeezed private right out of us’ has the

    THE THING ABOUT LOCKDOWN is people are so bored in their bubble that they’re logging on to social media and “flopping all their personal stuff out”, New Zealand comedian Urzila Carlson says....

  • Contest winner is building himself a great new career

    Agoal to build his own home led Marton’s Christopher Sullivan to change career and take on a building apprenticeship....

  • VAXXED OR NOT? The needle in the room:

    Hi, neighbours....


    Wanganui Jockey Club 1PALAMOUNTAINS SCIENTIFIC NUTRITION 1200, $10000, 1200m 9-9 All In Echoes (8) S Collett 1 4-4 Irish Red (10) S Weatherley 2 1-1 No Nay Jubilee (4) C Grylls 3 Scratched: Helluvah Return, Raccourci. Also (in finishing order): 2-2 The Stoney One, 6-6 Belardo Boy, 3-3 My Tarnz Girl,...


    The cold, hard fact about housing is that neither Labour nor National wants prices to fall....

  • VAXXED OR NOT? The needle in the room:

    Hi, neighbours....

  • It was a single word, unflinchingly direct and utterly terrifying....

  • It was a single word, unflinchingly direct and utterly terrifying....

  • Two guilty after drug trial

    Two Polish men have been found guilty of importing cocaine but a Russian sailor had his name cleared when jurors reached a verdict yesterday in the Bastion Pt cocaine trial....

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