Add pops of colour at home

Published date23 March 2023
Think about how you can refresh your home with carefully considered colour choices

Contrasts of colour are one way to create exciting and energising spaces that bring joy to the eye.

There are many kinds of colour contrast including light-dark, cold-warm, hue contrasts and mid-tone contrasts.

Using contrasts of light and dark can create tension and variation, highlighting shapes or changes in the room.

An example could be contrasting a light wall with a dark stained door, for a bold effect.

Contrasting cold and warm colours can be invigorating and stimulating.

Experiments have shown a room painted in blue/green can make people feel cooler, and a room painted in red/orange can make people feel warmer.

Ask your local interior designer or paint specialist to show you a colour wheel so you can see which...

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