Community work acknowledged

Published date11 August 2022
Publication titleSouthland Express
He was presented with the award, from the Northern Community Board and Southland District Council, by Southland Mayor Gary Tong

Mr Naylor has made many outstanding contributions to the Garston rural community, including to Garston School, of which he is a proud ex-pupil.

He has tirelessly provided voluntary services to individuals and community groups in the local area and worked collaboratively with community members and Garston School staff.

Throughout the years, Mr Naylor has shared his skills, talents and valued knowledge to the community through his involvement in the following:

■Foundation member of the Garston Volunteer Fire Brigade since 1972. He is also a life member of this service.

■Member of the Garston School Committee and board of trustees for 17 years. He continues to actively take part and contribute to school activities by offering practical assistance with maintenance of equipment (swimming pool supply delivery and water testing samples) and technical repairs requiring engineering.

■Helped with the clearing of land and establishment of the Garston School native reserve as a beautification project to enhance Garston’s roadside appeal and community...

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