AuthorHensley, Gerald
PositionLetter to the editor


I read with interest Paul Cotton's piece in the May/June issue (vol 44, no 3) on his time in Greece. Unfortunately his comments about my presence there are incorrect. I did not go to Greece with Sir Robert Muldoon and so, unlike the Proclaimers, I did not fall down at his door.



Paul Cotton comments: In regard to Gerald Hensley's views on my Greek Reflection, I am pleased he read it so carefully. I am fortunate that Sir Robert Muldoon has passed away and is unable to tell me that he, too, was not in Athens in 1983.


Readers of the November/December 2017 issue of this journal (vol 42, no 6), which contained three articles about Paddy Costello, might wish to consult the website, where they will find four pieces on him by me, the first written in 2012 and the latest commenting on the three 2017 articles.




Anthony Smith's review of Deborah Lipstadt's Antisemitism: Here and Now (vol 44, no 3) quotes Israeli historian Y.N. Harari, who reflects on fellow Jews who think they are the most important thing in the world'.

Self-centered behavior is typically human, and for Israelis understandably intensified by ancient culture, more recent holocaust, and bonding in national military service.

It is a truism that humans see the alien or 'other' as potentially dangerous, whether a matter of language, colour, creed, class, gender, orientation and so on. In the last 2500 years, Jews have maintained their identity by...

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