Did you know...Kiwi tentmaker goes global

Profession:James & Wells Intellectual Property

Kiwi tentmaker, LTL, goes global with their humanitarian SeekaShelter tent patented through James & Wells intellectual property.

LTL Covers owner1 and innovator, Lindsay Tasker, has designed the SeekaShelter" tent which employs flexible connector systems, patented through James & Wells IP2 and with help through Regional Business Partner - Waikato (RBP). The connector system allows his tents to withstand winds in excess of 120 km/hr. Although Lindsay sells his tents for a range of applications, he is now looking at emergency housing for natural disaster-struck regions highlighted in his recent article published3 on Opportunity Hamilton's website.

Lindsay remarks "Finding out about the support available, like RBP and James & Wells patent attorneys has been invaluable."


1 A legal term to describe a person entitled to make an application for a patent. In New Zealand this includes any person claiming to be the true and first inventor, the assignee of the inventor, or the legal representative of...

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