Dunedin Mayoralty Candidate Pamela Taylor in discussion

Published date30 September 2022
Publication titleOtago Daily Times: Web Edition Articles (New Zealand)
I support Democracy in New Zealand

In my opinion New Zealand should be a representative democracy, with Local and National Government consisting of members who represent the voters who elect them. New Zealand's representative democracy was modelled on Britain's. Democracy as the only acceptable form of government. In a democracy everybody has a right to be represented. The rights of all citizens are equal regardless of gender or race and must be respected. Democracy is a system of government by the whole population based on the principles of social equality, where all individuals within a specific society have equal inalienable human rights, fundamental freedoms, liberties, and status, including civil and political rights, freedom of expression, autonomy, economic freedom, and equal access to public goods and social services. Democracy is inclusive it respects individuality, variety and different opinions. There should be no taxation without representation, the people know what they want and deserve to have public servants that deliver. Citizens should vote directly on the laws they live under, and on who represents them and have a free voice to express their opinions and desires. When it comes time to vote, every vote counts the same. Politicians are accountable to the people, and must act consistent with their will. People have to know if their government is making good decisions, transparency of information is important. That's why in democracies protecting independent media is valued, so citizens can get good information in the lead up to voting, and to make sure the voting process is fair. Human rights like freedom of expression, free association, and freedom of assembly are the cornerstones of democracy and in fact allow its proper functioning.

I oppose He Puapua

He Puapua is a report commissioned by the Labour party in 2019. In my opinion this report is a recipe for Maori separatism, to introduce apartheid into New Zealand, a system of segregation and discrimination on grounds on who your ancestors were, the policy of giving unfair preferential treatment to people at the expense of another's based on race. He Puapua' is the roadmap for the implementation of 'The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) into New Zealand Law by the Year 2040. In He Puapua, report they state that there should be separate courts, a separate chamber of parliament, with a separate health authority for Māori, and separate education. We're already well down the path towards believing that one ethnic group should receive greater entitlements than any other.

It is my understanding of the 2019 He Puapua Report that the Central Government is planning to create two complete Central Governments that over laps, a...

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