Employment law calendar 2019

Author:Ms Sophie Meares
Profession:Wynn Williams Lawyers

December 2018: Some ERA changes already in force

Union representatives can enter workplaces without employer consent No deductions for partial strikes Reinstatement (if requested by the employee) is the primary remedy for unjustified dismissal 31 January 2019: Fair Pay Working Group report

The Fair Pay Agreements Working Group, headed by Rt Hon Jim Bolger ONZ, has made recommendations on fair pay, including bargaining processes, agreements and dispute resolution where there are issues The Minister will now review the recommendations and assess the scope and design of a system of bargaining to set minimum terms and conditions of employment across industries The model that the Working Group has proposed would facilitate conversations not only about fair wage rates, but about training pathways and opportunities to increase productivity and profit 1 April 2019: Employment protections for domestic violence victims and new minimum wage

Domestic violence changes

Victims can request short-term (two months or less) variation to employment arrangements to deal with effects of domestic violence Employees can request domestic violence leave after six months' continuous employment (up to 10 days paid leave) Discrimination against victims is now a prohibited ground of discrimination Minimum wage change

New minimum wage of $17.70 per hour 21 April 2019: Easter Sunday

Don't forget that territorial authorities now set trading rules for Easter Sunday, but employees can refuse to work without repercussions 6 May 2019: Key Employment Relations Act changes

Only employers with fewer than 20 employees may agree to 90-day trial period Minimum rest break and meal break entitlements are prescribed...

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