Fed Farmers: Question council candidates

Published date20 July 2022
Publication titleWest Coast Messenger, The
"The three waters juggernaut is gathering steam despite a great deal of opposition," Feds president Andrew Hoggard said

"Unchanged, it will put control of critical infrastructure in the hands of unelected and hard to hold to account entities, likely headquartered far away from rural New Zealand."

This, plus moves for district planning functions to be regionalised, will leave some provincial councils with little left to do, "and thus ripe for forced amalgamations, given the review of the future of local government doesn't wind up until next year," Mr Hoggard said.

Local body elections happen again in October and Federated Farmers has just released its 2022 Local Elections Platform. It is on the Federated Farmers' website and sets out the federation's position on the major issues swirling around local government, with questions and advice for voters and candidates.

"Amidst this uncertainty, communities will need sound, level-headed representation like never before, as their councils navigate this once-in-a-generation change and fight for...

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