Fijian Indians honour Girmityas

Published date22 June 2022
Publication titleHastings Leader, The
More than 150 people from the Fiji Indian community, Indian community, and other communities spent their night at the Frimley School Hall in a tribute to the Indian labourers of Fiji, called Girmityas

Guests travelled from as far as Wellington, Auckland and Whanganui to come to the Hawke’s Bay event.

Girmit Night was full of cultural costumes, music, art and entertainment.

Organiser Angeline Chand-Chaudhary said there was a line-up of performers, speakers and drama performances, and display items at the event, all focussed on the indenture system.

Chand-Chaudhary said the night was to pay tribute to ancestors who, through their hard work and sacrifices, made Fiji “a beautiful paradise”.

The idea was also to pass on the historical knowledge to the younger generations so that the Girmit legacy is not forgotten, and to create an awareness in the Hawke’s Bay community, Chand-Chaudhary said.


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