* To develop a stimulating and diverse programme of activities, both nationally and through the branches, which will attract a broader spectrum of the community to participate in achieving our mission.

* To strengthen the resources of the National Office by increasing funds from individual, corporate and institutional membership and from grants and sponsorships for both general and special activities.

* To co-operate with the programmes of staff development and public affairs of MFAT and other Ministries involved in international affairs, encouraging them to utilise more fully the potential strengths of the NZIIA's National Office and branches to assist them in those programmes.

* To develop co-operative arrangements and joint ventures with enterprises, organisations and institutions which will contribute to the programmes of activity which the National Office and branches wish to develop.

* With the National Office a welcome partner on the Victoria University of Wellington campus, to co-operate closely with the departments, centres and institutes of that university concerned with international affairs.

* To develop strong links with other tertiary educational institutions throughout the country which can assist in achieving the NZIIA's mission.

* To promote research into international affairs, both under NZIIA auspices and by others and to assist in improved dissemination and discussion of the...

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