The National Council meeting.

The tenth Annual Dinner of the NZIIA took place at the Wellington Club on Friday 7 May, with about 140 present. The President, Sir Frank Holmes, with Lady Holmes, presided over the occasion. In a short introductory speech he noted the achievements of the NZIIA over the past year.

The guest of honour was the Governor-General, Rt Hon Sir Michael Hardie Boys, who gave an interesting address on `New Zealand Approaches to Peacekeeping'. The text of his speech is to be found elsewhere in this issue.

Media prizes

During the dinner the Media Prizes, sponsored by the NZIIA and the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce, were awarded. Gift Davidson stood in for the absent Chairman of the Chambers, David Truscott. The prizes, of $1000 each with a framed certificate, were presented to the winners by the Governor-General and Gift Davidson. There were 15 entries altogether in the three categories.


Judge: Ian Templeton Winner: Bernie Steeds (NZPA, Wellington) Runners-up: Victoria Main, Warren Berryman


Judge: Trevor Henry Winner: Rae Lamb (Radio New Zealand News) Runner-up: Bruce Hill


Judge: Ian Fraser OBE Winner: Terence Taylor and Ian Garner Runner-up: Bob McNeil

National council

The annual meeting of the National Council was held as usual on the following day, 8 May. The presence of the Executive Director of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Ross Cottrill, who had come from Canberra to take part in the day's events, was warmly welcomed. The Council formally re-elected Sir Frank Holmes as President. It received with regret the resignation of John Gardenier as Vice-President, and thanked him warmly for his long service to the NZIIA. Neville Beach was elected to replace him as Vice-President, and Athol Mann was elected as Treasurer. The Council also elected both John Gardenier and Richard Nottage, the retiring Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as Honorary Vice-Presidents.

The President introduced the conclusions of his consultations on the future of the NZIIA under the title `Strategy for the Institute's Development'. He emphasised the need to strengthen the resources of the National Office by co-operating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Victoria University of Wellington and working with corporate enterprises and other organisations involved in the international field. The Council endorsed Sir Frank's conclusions, and the set of goals he proposed. They are set out in...

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