James & Wells set the standard for New Zealand - Kiwi Computer Challenge

Profession:James & Wells Intellectual Property

James & Wells staff first in New Zealand to achieve 100% pass rate in The Kiwi Computer Challenge.

Jonathon Lucas and Jason Tuck from James and Wells Patent1 attorneys are the first candidates in New Zealand to achieve 100% in the exams for the Internet and Computer Core Certificate or IC3. Jonathon achieved 100% for module 1 Computer Fundamentals. Jason achieved 100% in module 2 Key Applications and module 3 Living Online.

James and Wells employees have shown great commitment to the IC3 certification programme achieving consistently high marks.

The IC3 is a Global standard certification for core computer skills. James and Wells have undertaken to put all their staff through the IC3 as part of the Kiwi Computer Challenge.

The Kiwi Computer Challenge aims to increase New Zealand's productivity by ensuring our workforce understands how to use their computers effectively. The goal is to encourage companies to put all their staff through the IC3 to provide a vital benchmark for key computer skills in their organisation.

Most people have taught themselves to use a computer and so don't know what they don't know. By completing the IC3 they fill in the gaps in their knowledge, saving them time and frustration. By passing the...

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