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The National Council met in a special session on 9 March. Because of Covid complications, the meeting was conducted by Zoom. The purpose of this gathering was to approve the re-drafted constitution. With several amendments, the new constitution was approved.

In adopting the new constitution, the National Council abolished itself. As a result, the framework that has governed the NZIIA for more than eight decades was replaced with a new corporate structure with a constitution now 'fit for purpose', in the words of Sir Anand Satyanand, who presided over the council.

The NZIIA henceforth will be governed by an eight-member board. One of the eight places will be reserved for the MFAT representative.

Elections are underway for the other seven places, one of whom will be elected by the board as chair (with the title also of NZIIA president). All members will vote for board members electronically. The elected board will be endorsed at an annual general meeting to be held probably in May before holding its first meeting. In the meantime, the NZIIA will be run by a small sub-committee approved by the National Council before it voted in the new constitution.

At the meeting Vice President Professor Rob Rabel announced that he would not be seeking election to the new board. He will serve as election officer in association with the executive director.

Under the new constitution the NZ International Review's managing editor is, for the first time in 45 years, no longer an officer of the NZIIA or part of the governing body of the NZIIA. Moreover, the magazine's position in the NZIIA is reduced from an integral part constitutionally of the NZIIA to a mere reference in the new constitution as the type of publication the NZIIA publishes. A further cloud over the magazine's future is raised by the fact that, henceforth, members will receive the magazine not as part of their subscription but by option, which is bound to adversely affect the magazine's balance sheet. Before the meeting concluded, however, Honorary Vice President Gerald McGhie stressed the importance to the NZIIA of the continued publication of the magazine. MFAT's representative, James Waite, endorsed his comment, stating that the ministry regarded the journal as 'very important'.

On 29 March Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Hon Mark Brown addressed a meeting in Parliament's Grand Hall jointly convened with the Cook Islands High Commission and hosted by the minister for Pacific peoples, Hon...

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