NZIIA Publications.

1991 Sir Alister McIntosh et al, New Zealand in World Affairs, Volume I, 1945-57, 204pp (reprinted)

1991 Malcolm McKinnon (ed), New Zealand in World Affairs, Volume 2, 1957-72, 261 pp

1991 Roberto G. Rabel (ed), Europe without Walls, 176pp

1992 Roberto G. Rabel (ed), Latin America in a Changing World Order, 180pp

1995 Steve Hoadley, New Zealand and Australia, Negotiating Closer Economic Relations, 134pp

1998 Seminar Paper, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 35pp

1999 Gary Hawke (ed), Free Trade in the New Millennium, 86pp

1999 Stuart McMillan, Bala Ramswamy, Sir Frank Holmes, APEC in Focus, 76pp

1999 Seminar Paper, Climate Change--Implementing the Kyoto Protocol

1999 Peter Harris and Bryce Harland, China and America --The Worst of Friends, 48pp

1999 Bruce Brown (ed), New Zealand in World Affairs, Volume 3, 1972-1990, 336pp

2000 Malcolm Templeton, A Wise Adventure, 328pp

2000 Discussion Paper, Defence Policy after East Timor

2001 Amb Hisachi Owada speech, The Future of East Asia --The Role of Japan, 21 pp

2001 Wgton Branch Study Group, Solomon Islands--Report of a Study Group

2001 Bruce Brown (ed), New Zealand and Australia-Where are we Going?, 102pp

2002 Stephen Hoadley, Negotiating Free Trade, The New Zealand-Singapore CEP Agreement, I07pp

2002 Malcolm Templeton, Protecting Antarctica, 68pp

2002 Gerald McGhie and Bruce Brown (eds), New Zealand and the Pacific Diplomacy, Defence, Development, 128pp

2004 A.C.Wilson, New Zealand and the Soviet Union 1950-1991, A Brittle Relationship, 248pp

2005 Anthony L Smith (ed), Southeast Asia and New Zealand: A History of Regional and Bilateral Relations, 392pp

2005 Stephen Hoadley, New Zealand and France: Politics,

Diplomacy and Dispute Management, 197pp

2005 Brian Lynch (ed), Celebrating New Zealand's Emergence: A Tribute to Sir George Laking and Frank Corner, 206pp

2006 Brian Lynch (ed), New Zealand and the World: The Major Foreign Policy Issues, 2005-2010, 200pp

2006 Malcolm Templeton, Standing Upright Here, New Zealand in the Nuclear Age 1945-1990, 400pp

2007 W. David McIntyre, Dominion of New Zealand: Statesmen and Status 1907-1945, 208pp

2008 Brian...

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