"Once You Hit The Water Layer, You Know When You Hit, Water Sprays Everywhere."

Published date12 April 2023
Publication titleWest Coast Farming Times, The
"It can go anywhere and is very reliable. No problem in the wet season either and goes through the muddy paddocks which saves the farmers putting roading in

With the dairy company now grading water quality, farmers need to have good clear potable water.

"I divine for a start off which is very accurate, and trace where the underground river is and then bring in the rig," he said.

"We drill using a casing advance system. The outer casing follows the drill and goes down in 6m lengths which are progressively welded. Once you hit the water layer, you know when you hit, water sprays everywhere." Ken says his Westmere Drilling rig covers from Karamea to Haast with the majority of work in the past three years with the dairy industry.


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