Questions for city mayoral hopefuls Question 1: How would you promote function and unity within the council chambers? Question 2: What are your goals and priorities for the council?

Published date08 September 2022
Publication titleSouthland Express
Age: 46

Occupation: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment senior adviser.

Q1: As the previous deputy mayor in Invercargill, I am experienced. As mayor, I will build a team and lead with respect. I will encourage democracy and ensure all elected members participate in discussions. I will ensure we debate issues, not personalities, make decisions and then deliver. As one of 13 people, I understand that only a team delivers success. By demonstrating unity and a shared vision we will restore trust.

Q2: As mayor, I will build a team with a shared vision, encourage the council to review operations and reduce wasteful and unnecessary capital spending, so planning reflects the priorities of our ratepayers and residents. I will advocate for sustainable growth in our community by ensuring there are more opportunities for local businesses to provide goods and services to the council. I will advocate for our city at a national level and protect our local assets.


Age: N/A.

Occupation: Contractor.

Q1: A focused leader means a focused team. A good team leader always has the goal in mind and sets clear expectations for everyone. I need to know the strengths and weaknesses of elected members at the council table to deliver a united team. As mayor, I intend to meet with each member to ascertain their skill sets, level of governance abilities, operational understanding, goals and priorities for council, and arrange training as needed.

Q2: As mayor, my priorities are to determine the council’s agenda; get results for ratepayers and businesses; and collaborate and support our local businesses — this includes future developments, ensuring they are at the forefront with tenders being assessed; put the long-term plan under the microscope for affordability, and remove projects that aren’t affordable; accelerate projects such as the museum rebuild, rugby park and alternative water supply; and develop sustainable, accessible, functional housing for our elders, disabled and those on low incomes.


Declined to respond.NOBBY CLARK

Age: 71.

Occupation: Retired — current deputy mayor.

Q1: Unity is not the same as democracy. It is better to have debates on issues and for most (if not all) councillors to contribute. The lack of debate and just saying "aye" at the end does not install confidence in the advocacy process. I will build consensus around governance where elective members not only give direction to the organisation, but also hold the staff...

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