Reefton bronze in Duke of Edinburgh awards

AuthorClaire Ward
Published date22 March 2023
Publication titleWest Coast Messenger, The
Bronze is the first level of the award which young people start in their 14th year

It takes a minimum of six months to complete with three specific sections: 13 hours each of voluntary service, skills and physical recreation plus an adventurous journey.

For Paige gaining the award took a bit longer due to Covid, and an injury during her Adventurous Journey, so she was excited to hear she had finally completed it.

"I got an email late last year that I ignored because I thought it was a scam, as I really believed I hadn't finished all the requirements," Paige said.

"But then the principal, Mr Wright, said for me to turn up on Monday the 6th of March for assembly, so that's how I discovered it was real and I had got the Bronze."

Paige is unsure yet if she will pursue a silver and gold - it depends on having the time.

"It was a cool opportunity, great for CV's and getting out of my comfort zone and I've gained a lot of confidence" Paige...

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