Same space, different time

Published date11 August 2022
Publication titleSouthland Express
Campbell’s Studio on Tay St operated as a photography studio from 1928 until 1974, and Martyn worked there as a budding photographer in her 20s for several months during 1970

On a recent visit to Invercargill, she returned to the studio which has since become a space for artists, renamed the Art Attic.

‘‘Last year, around December, I walked past just to see if the building was still here. I was just a bit curious, and discovered that it was operating as a kind of artists’ centre, gallery type thing.’’

‘‘I thought, my God, this is amazing, because it’s structurally the same as it was in 1970. The walls are in the same position. None of these have been removed, and no walls or partitions have been inserted.’’

Martyn walked the tall-ceilinged upstairs rooms and saw little had changed since her time there — and what remained of the space still spoke of its history as a traditional daylight photography studio.

‘‘I thought this could make a very interesting project for me, as I don’t often get personally motivated projects.’’

The exhibition is called Luminance, and presents images of the emptied rooms with references to its connection to Campbell’s Studio.

Martyn’s photographs show the...

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