Southland’s poor air quality in the spotlight

Published date11 August 2022
Publication titleSouthland Express
For us in Southland it showed domestic fires continue to be a leading cause of air pollution

The report has studied air pollution levels from 2006. Between 2006 and 2016, Southland’s population increased by 6.2% and anthropogenic air pollution social costs increased by nearly 14.1%.

Breathing in the small particulate matter contained in air pollution is harmful to human health and, during winter, the smoke from our burners is a major contributor.

During periods of bad air quality, it is the vulnerable people in our community who suffer the most. While the healthiest among us will only feel nuisance health effects, our children and those with respiratory conditions can face serious health ramifications.

However, to improve our air quality in Southland, we all need to play our part.

Firstly, burn dry wood. Dry wood isn’t just more environmentally friendly but it burns at a higher temperature on those cold winter nights.

Environment Southland operates a ‘Good Wood’ scheme where you can find approved suppliers of dry wood. Details of this can be found at

Secondly, make...

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