Three Waters project triggers ire, criticism

Published date02 December 2021
Publication titleCentral Otago News
Firstly, Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta said there would be ‘‘various public consultations’’ on the Three Waters project process. We are still waiting.

What a joke. The public have had absolutely no say, except that we could write to the various 67 local councils around New Zealand.

I have asked Mayor Tim Cadogan how he came to be selected for this ‘‘sham working group’’ and he said he was selected by MBIE and LGNZ, with final sign-off by Nanaia Mahuta. A democratic process, I don’t think so!

This is a whitewash and a done deal already. Do you know that the Government are already advertising for staff for this project? Go figure.

The no doubt well-paid group will consist of eight mayors, one former mayor, eight iwi and one independent chair — to do what? Jacinda Ardern has already said on TV that this project will proceed so we can save thousands of New Zealanders from getting sick or dying. Emotive nonsense.

Their $3.5million TV advertisements were a joke and factually completely misleading.

There is the confiscation of all existing infrastructure assets from all 67 councils. Another joke! Just how silly do the Government think we are?

Then there is the $2.5billion bribe for the 67 councils to share as a backhander. Again, how stupid do you think Kiwis are? Simply a bribe, nothing else!

Now we get to the new proposed boards: four in all to cover the entire country.

It’s the makeup of these boards which begs the questions of who, how, why etc, and again these proposals are totally undemocratic and unmandated.

I believe the Maori population in New Zealand is about 16%, so why is this group proposed to have 50% of the new seats on each of these new boards? Democratic, I don’t think so. Let’s provide various seats for all other ethnic groups in New Zealand like the Indian community, Chinese community etc. This would be democratic.

It is my opinion that the current local structure should remain with all 67 local councils throughout the country, but have an overarching selected group of appointed industry professionals to be called upon by any council to advise on known science and engineering. There is no need to remove local control of our waters.

Andrew Burton




The council has written to the minister citing our and our public’s feelings about the mandating of the Three Waters reforms alongside other concerns in relation to them. This was published in The News and as yet, we have had no response.

The working group I have been...

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