Time for a laugh in Westport

Published date10 August 2022
Publication titleWest Coast Messenger, The
With over 20 years of comedy experience Jeremy Elwood has headlined comedy clubs worldwide and held mainstream stints on the likes of 7 Days, The Project and The Comedy Gala. Elwood was thinking of Westport when Greymouth Star reporter MEG FULFORD called

"When I was there last was a while ago, and I'm hoping you'll roll out some good weather for me," Elwood says of his upcoming Westport visit.

He says the show promises entertainment: "This show gets comedians out of their comfort zone, out of the cities and into the regions".

Subject matter is unpredictable.

"For myself, it could be about the past two years but anything could happen, you don't know what's going to come up. I can bounce stuff off the crowd, it's all very fluid-comedy is a live thing and whatever happens, happens." Speaking of co-host Paul Ego, Elwood lights up: "We're lucky to have him really, he's on his own tour and is taking time out to come and hang with us in Westport".

"This show is a one-off for me, but the Saturday Laughs dates have differing line-ups to keep them varied.

"I was born in Canada, then raised in the UK before coming to New Zealand in 1989, where I grew up in Dunedin. I played a lot of music there and completed a theatre degree, but I've been based in Auckland for 20 years because with television and radio you have to be.

"Stand-up comedy just sort of happened, it was easier to book a short-notice stand-up gig than spend eight weeks rehearsing a play.

"The timing was right - stand-up was becoming a thing at the time and I enjoy it, it keeps me out of trouble.

"In New Zealand you have to spread yourself around to keep busy and pay the mortgage, so I do music, writing, all sorts." Elwood says he's "just getting back on the road again," after pandemic restrictions. Prior to Covid he and wife - the illustrious Michele A'Court - travelled plenty.

"We would regularly head...

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