Zeke Chan may have hit a hole in one

Profession:James & Wells Intellectual Property

Dr Zeke Chan, Integrity Analysis wins two PGA Merchandise awards for their smart phone SwingProfile 'app'.

We love it when Kiwi innovators make their mark on the world stage - especially if we were able to help them on their way.

So we salute our client Dr Zeke Chan of Auckland-based Integrity Analysis, who has developed SwingProfile - a smartphone 'app' which takes a video of a golf swing and automatically cuts the relevant video out and selects key image frames.

Zeke recently attended the PGA Merchandise Show - a big expo of the latest golf products for pros and merchants - where he won two of the three awards handed out: Best Overall Product, and Best Market Research. SwingProfile is a revolution in golf video analysis technology, enabling users to quickly and easily analyse their swings using only their smartphone or other mobile computing device. Patents covering this technology are pending1. James & Wells has worked with Zeke to formulate and execute2 a patent3 filing strategy.

Golf is a massive consumer sport around the globe, and if you can crack that market, you are destined for potentially...

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