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  • Women, jobs and COVID

    The COVID-19 upheaval has already claimed many jobs. While borders remain closed, everyone whose income relies in some way on tourism faces the toughest of times. The impact on other parts of the economy may not be as severe (yet) as first predicted but doubtless employers and employees alike are looking ahead with teeth clenched. But as unfolding events in Australia show, there may still be more pain to come.
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  • New Commerce Commission Guidelines on Environmental Claims

    Last month, the Commerce Commission released its new Environmental Claims Guidelines, which are intended to help businesses understand their Fair Trading Act obligations when making ‘green’ claims. The guidelines, which replace the Commission’s earlier Guidelines for Green Marketing from 2008, show that the Commission is taking environmental claims seriously, and businesses need to exercise care when using these sorts of claims in the marketplace.
 In recent years, these sorts of claims have become increasingly common on everything from dishwashing liquid to fruit rollups. But how can consumers be sure they accurately understand these sorts of ‘green’ claims, and how can businesses make sure they don’t fall foul of the law?
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  • Protecting your secret sauce

    Winegrowers need to make a number of important decisions to get their wine from vine to shelf. But protecting your business's recipe for success is equally as important. In this article we examine the sorts of IP you may have in your business and how to best protect those valuable assets.
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  • Proposed New Body Corporate Laws

    The long awaited overhaul of the Unit Titles Act 2010 has moved one step further with the Unit Titles (Strengthening Body Corporate Governance and Other Matters) Amendment Bill having been introduced into Parliament earlier this month.
 The proposed changes address a number of issues that were identified in a 2016 MBIE consultation paper as needed to bring the Act into line with modern practice.
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  • The New Dynamic: a toolkit for in-house lawyers in a time of upheaval

    Upheaval is far from over. Uncertainty remains about the persistence of the international health and economic crisis. In-house legal teams will have important contributions to make, particularly in helping organisations to adapt safely to new conditions.
 Businesses are working to urgent imperatives. Market conditions are changing quickly and businesses are making commercial decisions faster than usual, seizing a new opportunity swiftly, in recognition that it might be a long wait for the next one.
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  • Security for payment from principals

    During difficult times, it is important that contractors seek to ensure they have security for payment from their clients.
 Katrina Van Houtte, Sara Cheetham and Andrea Lim discuss popular methods for obtaining security and how they can help reduce the financial impact if the principal fails to pay in New Zealand Construction News Magazine.
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  • COVID-19: An Introduction to Temporary Changes Affecting Businesses in Australia and New Zealand

    ...Changes to The Way Foreign Investment is Reviewed In Australia & New Zealand -
 In this update we highlight changes to the legislation governing foreign direct investment in each country.
 Australia -
 On 29 March 2020, the Australian Government announced changes to the way foreign investment in Australia will be reviewed.
 Two key changes -
 1. All monetary screening thresholds in the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (Act) have been reduced to $0 meaning all proposed foreign investment into Australia (unless exempt under the Act) will require approval by the FIRB regardless of the value or nature of the foreign investor; and...
 2. In order to ensure sufficient time for screening applications, the time frame for reviewing both new and existing applications to the FIRB has increased from 30 days to six months...
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  • Insolvency practitioner licensing to commence on 1 September 2020

    After postponing the licensing of insolvency practitioners due to COVID-19, the licensing regime and the remaining provisions of the Insolvency Practitioners Regulation Act 2019 (IPRA) will now commence on 1 September 2020. What has already come into force?

  • The rift over #Gift: ASA decision on influencer marketing sets high expectations for advertisers and influencers

    The Advertising Standards Authority Complaints Board – New Zealand’s advertising watch-dog – has released its first substantive decision on the requirements applicable to influencer advertising. Elements of the decision might come as a surprise to businesses that deal with influencers. The ASA’s recent decision on this must be understood in the context of the underlying Advertising Standards Code Rules.

  • Fear of the unknown, fear of missing out: what's ahead for M&A

    When the pandemic broke, hand brakes were swiftly pulled, and just like that, the record-breaking bull run of M&A activity was over. It's a very different landscape now credit has become tighter and investors have become more measured. Conventional notions of deal certainty and risk are being severely challenged by an unfamiliar and uncertain environment, and even industry veterans are starting to wonder how long the fear of the unknown will linger.

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  • Guide To Doing Business in New Zealand: Major Forms of Business Organisation

    A foreign company or investor proposing to establish a business in New Zealand may choose from a number of different entities or forms of business organisation. Each of these forms has its advantages and disadvantages. Business owners will need to carefully consider them to determine which is the...

  • Guide To Doing Business in New Zealand: Taxation (Updated)



 It is not possible to give a complete outline of the scope of the taxation system in this guide. A brief outline of the basic taxation principles and some of the major forms of taxation are discussed below. 


 In all cases, we strongly recommend...

  • Littler Global Guide - New Zealand - Q2 2019

    Workplace Changes for Workers in the Screen Industry
 Proposed Bill or Initiative -
 Key changes in New Zealand’s workplace relations for the screen sector workers are set to be implemented soon. The New Zealand government has commenced drafting the legislation at the start of June...

  • Moving from doing not much at all to doing what can be done safely: What Alert Level 3 will look like

    Details of Alert Level 3 were released by the government on 16 April 2020. While a specific date for this transition has not been provided, the information provides all of New Zealand a chance to prepare for the future.
 The overriding principle for Alert Level 3, the government has said, ...

  • When it rains, it pours...

    Grant Robertson’s rainy day Budget just poured billions – with many more billions still to come – into saving and creating jobs. If the plan works (and it is still being developed to match rapidly changing economic circumstances) then New Zealand’s economy may be spared the worst of what the Prime...

  • Insolvency practitioner licensing to commence on 1 September 2020

    After postponing the licensing of insolvency practitioners due to COVID-19, the licensing regime and the remaining provisions of the Insolvency Practitioners Regulation Act 2019 (IPRA) will now commence on 1 September 2020. What has already come into force?...

  • Guide To Doing Business in New Zealand: Regulation of Foreign Investment

 One of the first matters a foreign company or investor must consider when planning to invest in New Zealand is the impact of New Zealand’s foreign investment policy. 

  • Guide To Doing Business In New Zealand: Intellectual Property (Updated)



 There are a variety of laws dealing with the protection of intellectual property in New Zealand. These laws permit the creation of legal rights to the exclusive use or ownership of copyright works, designs, patentable inventions, trade marks and other...

  • New Zealand Privacy Commissioner: Companies Need To Be Fully Transparent About Data Processing

    Click to accept – not always good enough, says the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner.
 Companies need to be fully transparent about their data processing practices and take steps to ensure that this is conveyed to the individuals....

  • Doing more business with data means doing more work on privacy

    Out of lockdown many organisations will be collecting and dealing with more data than ever, and more sensitive data than ever before. That could be for the purposes of offering products and services in what’s recently been coined the ‘shut-in economy.’ It could also be in order to to better protect ...