AuthorJeffries, Pamela A.
PositionLetter to the editor


In 'Together in struggle' (vol 40, no 5), Yosef Livne outlines in a very brief paragraph New Zealand's role in the First World War in Palestine. Ten years ago I was working in Jerusalem and I asked a taxi driver what I should see on a day off. He directed me to a hillside in East Jerusalem--to the 'Kiwi' graves. What I found was a meticulously kept Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery containing largely Anzac graves with some British. Almost all had died between May and November 1918, often in clusters on the same day. The Australians included members of the Australian Camel Corps and New Zealand had some Mounted Rifles. On enquiry I was told that they had freed Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks and some had died crossing the Jordan with General Allenby. Most...

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