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The passionate arguments that global warming is, or is not, a hoax, that it is, or is not, man-made or that it is a natural cyclical occurrence (that's me), all miss the point.

Before going forward, I am an author. I write historical fiction books under the pen-name Oliver Fairfax and thus, I am probably instantly disbarred from having any opinion in main-stream media. However, I also wrote Corruption-Absolutely! (published by London's Social Affairs Unit in 2002), in which I set out my reasoning.

The point being missed is obvious if you believe global-warming is cyclical. We should do something about it. Night and day, high and low tide and winter and summer are all in our power of understanding and we provide against them. But, because global warming's cycle might be (is, I say) 500 years in each direction, we fail to understand it. But if we did understand it, we would conclude: there will be a shortage of water in hot countries as we approach the peak of the heating cycle in approximately 2100--if the peak of the two previous heating cycles, at AD100 and 1100, repeats. We would conclude, by looking at history, that there will be northward migration and strife in hot countries because (ultimately) of a shortage of water in those lands, because that is what has happened before.

Even if you do not believe that global warming is cyclical, but man-made, surely it is reasonable to conclude that the same problem, the water shortage from Mexico to Eritrea and Somalia, is linked to global-warming and that it can be--and should be--rectified?

And we would go and fix the problem. I have screamed this for 30 years. I wrote it fifteen years ago and I cannot get the point across. I even produced a movie on YouTube called Bodies in the Sea on the link between global warming and migration.

Go and fix it! While my temper remains frayed, I find the Green's attitude to such things as leaving oil in the ground just selfishness. They have all the benefits of modern life. But those without? No, they cannot enjoy them--because that might warm the planet.

History will judge the Greens, the CO merchants and the press harshly. Not because they might be wrong or right, but because they prevented attention being given to solving the problems of millions. They need water now. That would prevent the refugees in the Mediterranean having to make the journey in the first place. While we go to fix the problem, we should bear in mind that people do not leave their...

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