Blacks Point miracle dog rescue

Published date25 January 2023
Publication titleWest Coast Messenger, The
Rubi is basically deaf, owner Rindi Bollinger set off to search for her missing pet. When the next day there was still no sign of Rubi, Rindi's concern escalated to worry. Then after days, her worry escalated to anguish. After weeks, her anguish turned to grief

"She'd just been spayed nine days before she disappeared and had been acting like a puppy, so I think she chased something to end up where she was found."

Pukekohe siblings Kelvin and Trinatee Worn, visiting their mum Brenda Meagher at Blacks Point, had started digging down the bank behind the property to make stairs for easier access to the river when they spotted Rubi.

"On the first day I looked down the river and saw a dog surrounded by bush," Kelvin said.

He pushed through, picked up the dog and brought it back up gently in the crook of his arm.

"I fed it a small amount of food in water, which was devoured, and then took a photo and showed mum," Kelvin said.

"I'd heard a dog had gone missing, but it was too long ago, so didn't think this could the one," Brenda said.

But just in case, they went straight to Rindis' to show her - she...

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