New West Coast plan released

Published date20 July 2022
Publication titleWest Coast Messenger, The
Te Tai o Poutini Plan (TTPP) combines the district planning processes for the Buller, Grey and Westland District Councils, replacing the current individual district plans. TTPP sets out the objectives, policies, rules and methods to manage land use activities and subdivision across the districts. It also includes on-line maps to show zoning, and where various rules apply

TTPP will affect every person on the Coast as it covers important things like power and communications infrastructure networks, ensuring there is sufficient land for business and housing development, avoiding or mitigating natural hazards, maintaining indigenous biological diversity, and controlling noise and subdivision.

TTPP Committee chairman Rex Williams said this was a momentous stage in the plan's development, and it was important people take the time to have a look and see how it may impact them.

"Because the plan covers the range of topics it does, it is likely to affect nearly everyone on the West Coast. There are a lot of zoning changes, so we encourage you to review the maps and see what this means for your property--commercial or residential."

Developed as an e-plan, TTPP will be more accessible through on-line viewing, making it...

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